Jim Dollarhide – Director/Cinematographer
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Dollarhide’s a seasoned veteran. He began in still photography and decided he wanted to make films. In the beginning he established himself as a sports filmmaker for the NCAA and the prestigious NFL Films organization. In 1977, he founded his own company, Imageworks, Inc. Over the next twenty years, it grew to be Mississippi’s premier production company. Early projects included a wide range of productions for both local and regional clients as well as the BBC and Shell Oil Company.

As a result of these early successes, Dollarhide was able to expand his company to include video, video post-production, studios and grip/electric services. At Imageworks, he mentored to a host of young people who have become the some of the area’s most successful film and video professionals.

For years, Jim has enjoyed on-going relationships with New York advertising agencies, like DMB&B and television networks like ABC. He’s worked on national political campaigns. Produced long form corporate documentaries for international clients. Won national ADDYS and CLIOS.

In 1994, Jim shot, directed and edited an image-enhancement film for the Mississippi Development Authority, titled Harmonies: A Mississippi Overture. It was recognized internationally with awards including a Golden Hugo in the Chicago International Film Festival to Best Director in the 1996 International Monitor Awards.

Even with these impressive credentials, Jim decided to downsize in 1998. He felt like he was spending too much time managing Imageworks, so he closed that company and started Dollarhide Film, Inc., where he is back working hands-on doing what he loves the most: Making films.

Jim has chosen to stay in Mississippi, close to his roots. ut that hasn’t impeded his progress at all. In 1999 he made his foray into features, working as the DP on the Tom Rice Film, The Rising Place.

The next year, his film for the Metro Jackson Chamber, Through Our Own Eyes, received kudos from all the business sectors. Internationally acclaimed cinéma vérité filmmakers, Albert Maysles and Susan Froemke hired Jim to help them shoot the HBO documentary Lalee’s Kin: The Legacy of Cotton – which went on to garner Best Cinematography at Sundance and an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary.

Lately, he’s worked on projects for George W. Bush, Disney Theme Parks, and Habitat for Humanity, International. Currently he’s working on his lifetime dream project: Blues Icon B.B. King’s Life Story.

His home and editing studio overlook the waters of Lake Cavalier, near Madison, Mississippi.